Saturday, January 16, 2016

SIRIM approved road safety equipment for commercial vehicles (please refer to JPJ, SPAD, PUSPAKOM)


SPAD have initiated the SPAD ICOP - Safety since 1st November 2015. It is intended for all Goods Vehicle Operator to nurture a safety culture in ensuring the safety of operations and to reduce injuries and deaths involving the general public , consumers and workers in the public transport sector.

Please equip your vehicle/s with the safety equipments as prescribed by SPAD. We are selling the best quality and SIRIM certified products such as;
     i) MS1731 Safety Vest
     ii) MS2294 Advance Warning Triangle
     iii) MS1216 String Delineator
     iv) MS1216 Reflective Safety Cone.

For more detail, please contact Cik.Siti 010-2063933
or email to

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